Jenny McCarthy on The View: ABC Made an Irresponsible Choice

July 18th, 2013 in Screwy Anti-Scientism with 4 Comments

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The Lovely Assistant weighs in on Jenny McCarthy on The View.  Are you surprised?

I’m not a fan of daytime TV.  Usually my mornings are spent shuffling kids to school, squeezing in a workout, and trying to get some writing done.  The ABC talk show, “The View” has only crossed my radar a couple of times.  However, over the past two weeks, I’ve become keenly interested in The View for one major reason:  they decided to hire Jenny McCarthy as a co-host.  I’ve discussed my views on celebrities making statements about medicine and science previously, but Jenny McCarthy is probably the worst offender.  I’m deliberately toning down my rhetoric on this so as not to offend the gentle sensibilities of our beloved Mavenites, but I cannot think of a more odious individual.  She has done some serious damage with her ignorant rantings against vaccines.  I can’t think of any other celebrity with an actual body count.  

When it was announced that she would be hired, petitions went up calling on ABC to change their minds, individuals contacted ABC directly, and made comments on The View’s Facebook page campaigning against hiring Jenny.  But to no avail. Online petitions and Facebook campaigns can do little to change the minds of television executives.

After ABC’s announcement, the interwebs (at least the interwebs I read) exploded with articles decrying the decision.  Here are a few examples of doctors, scientists, and even those working in the entertainment industry sounding off:

Time Entertainment:  Viruses Don’t Care About Your View:  Why ABC Shouldn’t Have Hired Jenny McCarthy  ABC’s hiring of Jenny McCarthy:  A decision that could cost lives

The New Yorker:  Jenny McCarthy’s Dangerous Views  When Craven Ratings Grabs Turn Dangerous:  Jenny McCarthy Joins The View

The LA Times:  Jenny McCarthy, dangerous at any volume

And a four-part series on the history of Jenny McCarthy’s crusade against vaccines on PLOS blogs:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Her opinions really aren’t up for debate, or even discussion.  Vaccines are safe and they save lives.  Period.  Sadly, tragically, an ignorant celebrity with a bully pulpit of over 3 million viewers could have a devastating effect.  Is ABC willing to take responsibility for the lives of children in order to garner ratings? 

Mavenites, share your “View.”  

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  1. P Mixter says:

    Amen Maven!

  2. [...] the short history of this blog, there have been two posts about vaccines on the Microbiology Maven blog, so I believe my feelings about the importance [...]

  3. Judy says:

    I have written to ABC and The View several times about how irresponsible it was to hire Jenny McCarthy. I was glad to see 1000′s of similar minded people complaining that she was the worse choice possible. I cannot believe that she is the best there is out there to host a show.

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