Microbial New Year’s Resolutions

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Mavenites, it’s that time of year again when we pause to reflect on our lives, observe where we’ve been, plan where we’re going, and ruminate on how we can do better.  If I may be so bold, let me suggest some Microbial New Year's Resolutions:

Spend some time navel gazing -- you might learn a few surprising things about yourself!

Try a scientific approach to your teaching methods -- you might be surprised at the results...

...and don't be afraid to wear a costume to lecture.

resolution 1

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Make sure to get your vaccines!

Take a chill pill...or otherwise establish a healthy gut flora.

Wash your hands, but not with Triclosan!

resolution 3

[Image courtesy icanhas.geezburger.com]

Give tighty whities another chance.

Encourage a young woman in science.

Don't be afraid to challenge old ways of thinking.

Spend some time with Rumi.

Happy 2014, Mavenites!  May your gut flora be diverse, your antibodies at peak levels, and your classrooms successful.

resolution 4

[Image courtesy www.jgi.doe.gov]

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