The Maven Takes On Exponential Growth


[Featured Image Courtesy Germzoo]

Mavenites:  a few weeks ago, I gave you a screen shot from my latest video adventure, and now here it is for your enlightenment and entertainment!  It’s an amusing illustration of the exponential growth of coffee form:

I’m interested to hear your feedback.  What did you think of the video?  Is it something you’d use in your class?  What other types of videos would you like to see in the future?


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Kelly Cowan

About Kelly Cowan

I’m a mom, teacher, scientist, author and community activist. I work at an open-admissions regional campus of a midwestern university, where I teach microbiology and epidemiology to a lot of pre-health professions students and a few poets and business majors.

5 Responses

  1. Tricia Humphreys says:

    I love the video, and I suspect my students will love it, too!

  2. PF MIxter says:

    A great video that accurately portrays the relationship between micro professors and their children–**I mean the concept of exponential growth.

    I was curious that there was no mention of the accumulation of toxic metabolites and diuretic effects of 32 cups of coffee in 5 hrs, leading to an exponential rise in the number of relief stops. Hollywood is like that sometimes, skewing reality just a bit…

  3. May we use the video in class? Of corse, I’d give a suitable citation to the Microbe Maven.

  4. Deb Scheiwe says:

    Cute! Though I learned quickly not to show up at TAMU unannounced:) Gigem!

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